Tummy Fit Oil

Tummy Fit Oil

Tummy Fit Oil Price In Pakistan

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Tummy Slim Fit Oil is the most effective product for inch loss on tummy. The key properties for the product are:
• Removes cellulite the most stubborn fat cell produced by skin.
• Effective inch loss, permanent in nature.
• Aids in reducing the tummy, giving the body a great shape.
• Therapeutic and detox properties, aiding in boosting healthy immune system.
• Helps increase metabolism and burn cellulite permanently.

Health Benefits:

• Tones tummy, thight, waist, and hips.
• Reduce conversion of protein and carbohydrates to fats.
• Promotes breakdown of cholesterol and fat deposits.
• Helps eliminate toxins in body.
• Helps suppress appetite.
• Promotes body metabolism to burn excess calories.

How to Use:

Massage 5 minutes in morning and 5 mints in Evening.
What is Tummy Slim Fit oil?
Total Price: PKR 2500/=

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