Maxman Capsules

Maxman Capsules Maxman Capsules Maxman Capsules

Maxman Capsules Price In Pakistan

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1 MMC Maxman Capsules,All-nature formula offers take lasting and substantive results
2 Safely & effectively increase size & enlarge male anatomy.
3 Your life square measure glorious.
This machine has an in-build FOOT PEDAL, which allows both your hands to used Freely & Comfortably.It also involves lamp in the machine head, which supplies adequate light for night sewing. The machine has unique feature of rewinding device because it allows easy replacement of bottom bobbin and large spool. The machine is offered with per-threaded sews in a durable chain locking switch.


•Epimedium Saggitatum 2000mg, plant genus Sateva 300mg, Saw Palmrtto 250mg, Guarana Extract 400mg, L-taurine 200mg, Ginseng mix
Maxman Capsules IV Fuctions:
1 Enlarge your member in breadth three hundred and sixty five days and LENGTH twenty fifth.
2 Stronger and more durable erections
3 Achieve rock arduous erections any time you would like.
4 Form a very "muscular" wanting member that may IMPRESS and AROUSE your lover.
5 More powerful orgasms.
6 Increased sexual stamina
7 Achieve additional powerful poking ability.
8 Last as Long as you would like while not medicine.
9 Safe and natural member enlargement.
Total Price: PKR 5000/=

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