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Handy Massager Handy Massager Handy Massager

Handy Massager Price In Pakistan

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Dolphin Body Massager/ Handy Massager is an excellent Body Massager, Pain Reliever, Body Toner and Fatigue Eliminator. Stylish design light weight body massager with long handle grip is easy to use on all body parts. It comes with adjustable speeds and interchangeable heads.
Dolphin Body massager eliminates your all days fatigues, penetrate deeply to relax all stiff body muscles.
It can be used to all body parts not only to massage but also to relieve pain. By using its three different attachment options handy massager works on tense muscles and nerves and stimulates the stiff tensed body parts.
It has instant results to circulate the blood flow and helps to eliminate the pain caused by stiff neck while sleeping. Dolphin Massager is not only useful for Body Massage, Fatigue relaxes the tensed muscles eliminating pain but also it tones the body to reduce body weight by burning the fats layers in your body. You can use this powerful Handy Massager on your shoulders, neck, back, hips, legs, Belly and foot to relax, massage and to eliminate the pain & Fatigue.

Total Price: PKR 2000/=

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