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Hair Straightener Price In Pakistan

A hair straightener is a unique styling tool that enables you to achieve that straight-from-the-salon sleek look at home. Also known as flat irons, these tools use heated plates to straighten dry strands of hair. You can transform even curly and unruly hair into straight and smooth locks – at least until your next shampoo – with a high-quality hair straightener.

Hair Straighteners: What to Look For

All hair straighteners can straighten hair, but the best flat irons feature sophisticated technology that can do so more effectively. They can also be expensive (upwards of $100 or more), so it’s important that you choose a straightener that will last and that is suitable for your hair type and length.Selecting the wrong flat iron can lead to results you are unhappy with, in addition to causing major damage to your hair. Since flat irons can look quite similar, here are the determining factors you should consider when choosing the best one for you.

Plate Material

Most hair straighteners have plates made of ceramic, titanium, tourmaline or a combination of two. All of these materials produce negative ions when heated, which help to smooth, straighten and seal the cuticle of hair strands. However, each type is ideal for a different type of hair. Ceramic hair straighteners maintain high temperatures and even heat distribution, which results in shiny and frizz-free locks with minimal damage. Solid ceramic plates are more expensive than ceramic-coated plates, but they are not as prone to chipping or damaging hair. Ceramic flat irons are ideal for most hair types, ranging from thin to thick tresses.
Titanium plates also boast consistent heat and high temperatures. However, they boast higher ionic output than ceramic plates. A titanium hair iron is best suited for thick, undamaged and coarse hair that is difficult to straighten. If you have fine hair, you should only use this type of flat iron on the lowest temperature setting.
Unlike ceramic and titanium, tourmaline is not a standalone material; rather, it is a semi-precious stone that is crushed up and typically infused into ceramic or titanium plates. Plates infused with tourmaline are ideal for coarse hair because they reduce friction as you straighten your hair, resulting in ultra sleek locks.
The most basic and cheapest of flat irons have metal plates. They can flatten unruly tresses but are more likely to cause hair damage. Metal plates can have inconsistent temperatures across the surface, which can cause hot spots and, subsequently, damage to your hair. They also are not as smooth as ceramic or titanium plates and can cause friction as you pull your hair between the two plates.

Plate Size

Hair straightness come in various sizes. Opt for a thick plate (larger than 1.5 inches in size) if you have long or thick hair. Flat irons that are 1 inch or smaller are best if you have short or fine hair.

Temperature Adjustment

Look for a hair straightener that has temperature controls, particularly if you have fine, damaged or chemically treated hair. High heat can cause breakage and split ends, so it’s important that you are able to adjust the temperature to prevent such damage.
The right flat iron for you largely depends on your hair type. Understanding how these hairstyling tools work can help you pick the best one to achieve the look you want.
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